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Your ICT continuity is our mission

Nowadays a stable ICT infrastructure is not only the foundation, but also the lifeline of your organisation. The fast increase of, for instance, the volume of cyber / ransomware incidents, power cuts and other disasters, is forcing organisations to closely examine their critical digital company processes, secure their data and ensure the continuous availability of quantitative and qualitative human resources, preferably redundant.

Organisations often depend for this on external partners, a mix of services and the organisation’s own expertise, that must be available in good order at agreed times.

COIN makes organisations independent, taking over the management of deploying and implementing every possible solution for ensuring continuity, both in the area of assurance and prevention and in the area of recovery and operations.

COIN aims to make business continuity possible for every type of company, irrespective of size or industry.

The preservation of core business and prevention of reputational and financial damage, even after a disaster, is of vital importance to every company. Companies secure their business continuity to meet legal and regulatory demands, and for economic reasons. Organisations look for flexible solutions for their IT, workstations and telephony should disaster strike. COIN aims to offer every company, from SMEs through to multinationals and from commercial to government, a tailored and affordable solution that addresses their particular preferences and needs.

Business continuity means the continuation of your core activities, and it goes beyond simply IT.

  • Prevention & protection of critical and vulnerable company data through air-gapped and immutable back-ups.
  • Security awareness in the area of phishing & social engineering threats
  • Safe workstations at all times, in any (hybrid) scenario
  • A 24/7 managed SOC/SIEM as a service for your ICT infrastructure
  • Prevention and 24/7 active monitoring
  • Cost control and infrastructure management
  • Datacentre optimisation and energy control
  • Network monitoring with cyber-alarms
  • Risk-analysis in accordance with the hardening principles and baselines of CIS, NIST, ISAE, ZeroTrust and others
  • No up-front investments, everything is part of OPEX and as subscription.
    Independent non-binding recommendations in the area of critical cyber developments and threats.
  • Datacentre locations in 3 countries
  • Neutral/independent cloud supplier, with your choice being guided by your needs, by legal and regulatory requirements and by costs.
  • All our solutions are SaaS-based
  • Cost control on the basis of objective measurements and analyses

In the last two decades COIN has grown into the Dutch market leader in the area of doubly-secured online continuity, cyber security solutions, and data recovery & cloud services. Our added value? COIN translates your vulnerability into resilience and measurability. We are now proud to be partner to a number of financial services providers and institutions, government bodies, regulators, logistics organisations and medical companies and institutions.

COIN helps companies that are assisting their employees to practice social-distancing due to corona crisis

☁ Cloud is NOT Heaven

Data protection and data management

Data: The new gold Critical company data are currently the most important assets of many organisations. On the basis of data, policy is decided and adjusted, and increasingly automated company processes are rolled out. Data therefore constitute the bedrock of company operations. This implies that loss, theft, manipulation or encryption of critical data constitutes an immense business risk.

Of course you have made the best arrangements you can with a reliable IT partner, a robust back-up solution and various security tools. However, it isn’t a question of if it will happen, but when.
Your IT partner is suddenly hacked, your back-up solution is hacked, and your own IT system fails. What does that mean? How damaging is it for you and your clients when your data become public, or your company operations shut down for several days, or even weeks?

How quickly do you think you can be up and running again?

COIN ensures that such a scenario does not occur, and that you will always have an uncompromised copy of your critical data to hand from your digital vault. This is fully immutable and air-gapped, with the recovery protocol that your organisation requires. We refer to this as: Nextgen data management and bulletproof data-security, powered by Cohesity.

Would you like to know more? We welcome the opportunity to talk through everything with you. As a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery partner, that’s what you can expect from us.

Our satisfied customers

“COIN translates your vulnerability into resilience and measurability“

Business as usual right after disaster strikes?
Discover our business continuity solutions.


Our solutions for your continuity

SIEM As A Service en 7×24 SOC

COIN is short for COntinuity INnovation. This means that in the current era of increasing cyber threats you can expect us to help you not only responsively, but also proactively in the area of risk analysis and prevention against cyber-attacks. Even if you’ve provided for sufficient prevention and/or detection measures via your ICT partner. Even leaving aside the question as to whether it is wise to have the fox guarding the hen house. Acting on a disaster via your ICT partner is maybe not a problem during office hours. But malicious attacks and hackers are not in the habit of observing a 9-5 working week.

Together with its partner network COIN offers SOC and SIEM As A Service, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, even when your own ICT department is inactive. We offer you the chance to start using this service at short notice with a quick onboarding service. We aren’t offering you just another tool, but provision of proactive security for your ICT, using all of the tools available in the area of firewalling, IDS and EDR.
Again: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We won’t overwhelm you with dozens of alerts every day. Our professional triage ensures that only critical alerts, supported by actionable measures, are communicated to you. Moreover, our strategic consultants stand ready to help you improve your information security through an ongoing and collaborative effort. We offer you an ecosystem of specialists that don’t just “do” security, but who have been doing nothing else for years. All this for one transparent subscription fee. With no “extra work” charges and/or additional invoices.

To cut a long story short: We supply your ‘last line of defence’, your SOC-As-A-Service and we guard your ICT; any solution, in any cloud or data centre, and at your own location.

Workplace recovery

Business as usual right after disaster strikes? COIN recovery centers provide just that. Distributed across The Netherlands and Belgium in modern prestige office buildings our workplaces are operational 24/7 with access to your own network and telephone numbers.

Telephone recovery

Following disaster it’s critically important to quickly regain communications – both internal and external. That’s why COIN offers an immediately-deployable telephony platform, ensuring your numbers can be reached.

IT recovery

Following disaster you need to restore access to your data as fast as possible and with minimal risk of data loss. The COIN concept offers rapid and secure solutions, providing you with an excellent answer to this part of your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) of which disaster recovery is of course one element. The COIN solution also offers options for loading your backup to the COIN server environment.

BCM Consultancy

Information, advice and training are important pillars in the services offered by COIN. Our BCM consultants and BCM trainers are deployed at every level and in every sub-process in the broad field of Business Continuity Management, from the Business Impact Analysis to the formulation of the Business Continuity Plan and from testing and auditing your Business Continuity Plan to providing customised BCM training.

Disasters cannot be planned,

preparations can.

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