Mediq aims at 100% continuity, COIN guarantees it

Mediq is an international player in the care sector and as such provides medical aids and care solutions to people suffering from a chronic illness; at home, in hospital or in healthcare institutions. With 4000 employees, supportive care is provided to around a million people. In the Netherlands a range of customer services is active so contact can be made at any time by private individuals as well as first and second line care representatives. Mediq works together with COIN in order to guarantee that accessibility during any form of disaster. At any given moment 110 people are able to make use of a fully equipped and operational customer service centre at the recovery location.

100% business continuity

Edward van Tuinen and Mariëtte Kunstman-Pouwels from Global Real Estate & Facilities, emphasise that it is not just Mediq’s direct clients but also its partners that expect and require 100% business continuity. Van Tuinen: ‘Take, for example, infusion systems, medical foods, stoma care, incontinence materials, wound care, medicines for diabetics, etc. What we supply usually concerns structural requisites and often concerns life-saving materials. Not being accessible is not an option; it simply can’t happen. We are there during acute situations and for structural care. We also provide technical support and instruction, thus relieving the burden on hospitals and care organisations.’

COIN as a reliable partner

Within the context of business continuity we contacted COIN several years ago. Van Tuinen: ‘COIN is well known as a reliable partner with a complete range of services. We trust this company. They provided us with insight and together we conducted all tests and proved that it worked. It is an organisation of skilled people who actively think along with us and they are able to respond quickly. It’s also a company that’s well organised and accessible. We don’t like tall stories; we want to know how it is in clear terms.”

Continuity guaranteed

COIN was on standby during a major relocation of the telephone system and when our new SAP system went live. Van Tuinen: “That way we were able to guarantee we could still be contacted in the event something went wrong. These projects were completed successfully and they provided proof to the Mediq team that COIN was able to guarantee, in practice, the continuity and accessibility of Mediq.”

Van Tuinen: ‘Every year we test the full recovery location together with COIN, during which all of the workstations, IT processes and telephony are tested. To date, the recovery location has always functioned properly, thus ensuring Mediq is able to guarantee its operational activities even during a disaster. After the test, all up-to-date handbooks, recovery scenarios and telephone lists remain with and are stored at COIN, hoping that they will never be needed, but safe in the knowledge that in the event of a disaster we have the 100% continuity we want.’

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