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British American Tobacco has been in business for more than 100 years, trading through the turbulence of wars, revolutions and nationalizations as well as all the controversy surrounding smoking. The business was formed in 1902, as a joint venture between the UK’s Imperial Tobacco Company and the American Tobacco Company.

Despite its name, derived from the home bases of its two founding companies, British American Tobacco was established to trade outside both the UK and the USA, and grew from its roots in dozens of countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and continental Europe. We were ‘born international’, and have developed over a century’s expertise in operating locally in various cultures around the world. British American Tobacco Benelux is part of the British American Tobacco Group, the most international tobacco company in the world.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity with COIN

In 2006 COIN was selected as our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity partner for The Netherlands. During our long term relationship, we so far experienced a single incident whereby we had to invoke DR as a back up plan while addressing a severe network issue. In this situation COIN delivered the facilities, as we expected, as documented in the DR run book. Because of our positive experience with COIN in The Netherlands, we also requested them to provide DR-coverage for our location in Belgium.
Today COIN is providing us with DR office space (incl. desktops with our own image) for our business critical employees and with DR-servers for our locations in The Netherlands and Belgium.
In case of a disaster with our production servers COIN will provide us with their fully equipped and self-supporting mobile server solution. This equipment can be provided at one of the COIN locations and, dependent on the impact of the disaster, also at our own location(s).

Mr. Benny Ong (BAT) BeNeLux IT Account Manager, Western Europe Region

Our experience with COIN is that they provide more than adequate support and have the right level of practical and technical knowledge. COIN found solutions to improve the efficiency of our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans for any issue we experienced during our annual tests and when we invoked in 2010. The DR-solution implemented in the Netherlands and in Belgium matches our requirements one on one. COIN’s practical experience in DR and BCM helps us to optimize our recovery scenario’s constantly. The communication with COIN is very efficient thanks to the short and direct lines with COIN’s Operations Manager and their technical staff. Most important is our absolute trust and confidence in COIN’s expertise when we ever get into a DR-situation in which we are dependent on their DR-facilities and technical resources.

Mr. R. Vergaaij (BAT) BeNeLux IT Service Manager

COIN kiest voor duurzame IGEL werkplekoplossing

Onze uitwijkwerkplekken zijn compleet ingericht en staan 24/7 klaar voor onze klanten die te maken krijgen met een calamiteit en moeten uitwijken. Op de werkplekken gebruiken wij Thin Clients. Aangezien onze apparatuur niet dagelijks en intensief gebruikt wordt, zijn we op zoek gegaan naar een duurzame oplossing om de levensduur te verlengen. Zonder in te boeten op veiligheid en betrouwbaarheid. Die oplossing vonden we bij IGEL.

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Crisiscommunicatie tips & tricks

Als je bedrijf getroffen wordt door een crisis dan wil je er natuurlijk alles aan doen om deze zo snel mogelijk het hoofd te bieden. Maar hoe ga je als organisatie om met communicatie tijdens een crisis? Wat vertel je en hoe pak je dat aan? Tijdens een crisis ligt je bedrijf onder een vergrootglas, communicatie is dan ook essentieel.

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Business Continuity Awareness week 2018

Van 14 mei t/m 18 mei is het business continuity awareness week (BCAW). Een jaarlijks terugkerend wereldwijd evenement om awareness te creƫren en te stimuleren voor het belang van business continuity.

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