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Workplace Recovery

Will you opt for a dedicated or shared workplace for your workplace recovery?
Recovery workplaces at COIN office recovery centers are fully equipped, including data link to your own server environment to let you access your applications. Everything’s designed to have you up-and-running in just a few hours.

Dedicated Workplace recovery

You can opt for dedicated recovery workplaces permanently at your disposal in your own lockable space. Or you can alternatively choose a shared option, under which the workplaces are configured with your own settings as soon as you tell us you need recovery. A combination of both options is also possible.

Fully equiped workplaces

The recovery workplaces are equipped with VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) desktops and can be set-up with your own current image. Your customised COIN solution is tested to ensure there are no nasty surprises should disaster strike. With our extensive telephone recovery solutions, your staff can still be reached by their usual telephone numbers. Even if you have one or several contact centers that require high availability. COIN supplies everything you want and need for your workplace recovery, dependent upon your current IT setup.

Visit our office recovery sites

Please feel free to visit our office recovery sites in the Netherlands and Belgium. Make an appointment and you will get a detailed view of our locations and services. Our workplace recovery and war room for Business Continuity solutions will give you immediate access to a fully-equiped site during a crisis or BCM test.

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