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Recovery Centres

Looking for a customised workplace recovery solution?

Disaster strikes when you least expect it. Power cuts or internet failure, fire or flood, gas leaks or severed cables, bomb warnings or explosions – any business is vulnerable, even yours. Maintaining your own fully equipped office space standing idle, just in case of such emergencies is very costly – which is why so many organisations have turned to COIN.

Via our subscription structure, COIN offers customised recovery centres without sky-high investment. You’ll find these at prime locations throughout The Netherlands and Belgium. Over 1200 COIN recovery workplaces are available.The workplaces are equipped with desktops, your own pc- image and access to your applications and data.

De uitwijklocaties zijn prima bereikbaar en permanent ingericht. Ze bieden alles wat nodig is om bedrijfscontinuïteit te waarborgen. Denk aan op uw eigen netwerk aangesloten werkplekken met desktop, telefoontoestel, faxen en printers, receptie- en vergaderfaciliteiten en beveiliging. Uw werkplekken worden conform een vooraf afgesloten Service Level Agreement opgeleverd.

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