Battle Box

Battlebox-COIN-recovery-centreWhen forced to evacuate following disaster, you’re unable to take anything with you. It is therefore essential to be prepared, with items essential to your business critical processes stored in advance in a safe location.


The COIN Battle Box is specially designed for this purpose. This provides safe storage for items such as a copy of your Business Continuity Plan, contact lists, chargers, (card)readers, codes and letterheads. The Battle Box is then identified with your name, and fitted with a combination lock.


The Battle Box is kept at the COIN recovery centre, retaining on-hand all the practical items you need to perform your business activities. That’s the practical approach of COIN.

Supply chain as starting point for Business Continuity

To be able to deal with unexpected situations such as fire or power failure businesses these days are looking more often at continuity of the critical business processes. However, this is not always enough because a business is part of a supply chain and therefore has to deal with a range of suppliers, customers and dependencies.

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Business Continuity Awareness week 2017

15 May to 19 May (inclusive) is Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW), during which specialists from the profession aim to raise awareness about the importance of business continuity.

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