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Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) clearly outlines what an organisation requires as a minimum in order to resume its business activities after a disaster.

How do you draw up a BIA? Where do you start?

COIN offers accessible and personal assistance whenever your organisation requests a BIA. We often find that someone within an organisation is given the responsibility of drawing-up a Business Impact Analysis for their organisation, but often doesn’t know where to start.

Personal help and a pragmatic approach

Unlike others we don’t offer simply an implementation exercise, but a personal and pragmatic approach that shapes the BIAs for your organisation in a clear and structured way. We’ll literally sit beside you to find the most suitable approach, in which we’ll actually talk to the people on the floor to create support and make clear to everyone why a BIA matters, and what it means for their department.

You’ll get a permanent coach from COIN, since we find it important that the right fit exists between both parties. We carefully tailor our consultant to your needs, always scheduling an introduction first to ensure that there is mutual trust and that the right consultant from us will look after your organisation.

Business impact assistance

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