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BCM Training

Business Continuity Management and crisis management require very specialised knowledge and skills. In its segment-specific training courses, COIN collaborates successfully with specialised partners we are happy to introduce to you below.

Business Continuity Academy

The Business Continuity Academy is the leading training institute in The Netherlands focusing specifically on Business Continuity and Crisis and Incident Management. Talented and motivated students are trained up to the level of professional business continuity managers and crisis managers able to act as a bridge between management and operations. This is a unique approach, in which courses focus tightly on the practical knowledge and skills needed.

Vredeveld Advies en Training

Working under the pressure of a disaster is by definition different to normal working. Public authorities and businesses are constantly confronted by disasters that must be tackled if the situation is not to worsen. Vredeveld Advies en Training advise, support and train employees to be able to adequately deal with the consequences of crises and disasters.

Following disaster, switchboard operators or call centre agents are the first point of contact with the outside world. They are the ones who must generate an atmosphere of ‘business as usual’ – something calling for special attention and preparation. In collaboration with Vredeveld Training en Advies speciale trainingen COIN provides special training courses on which your staff are trained in crisis communication and can begin getting used to working at a recovery centre.

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