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Telephone accessibility

Telecom-By-Pass for optimum accessibility when disaster strikes

Internal and external communication is a prerequisite for continuity. If you’re using COIN services you can be assured of optimum accessibility. This is just one of the crucial components of the COIN concept.

Using the COIN Telecom-By-Pass (TBP) platform, your employees remain accessible on their own telephone numbers. The platform can also be used if your actual telephone switchboard fails, although your business premises remain accessible. Since accessibility and service levels remain unaffected, the TBP platform is also suitable for contact centres.

The system is always on stand-by, so can be immediately activated in the event of disaster. TBP is platform-independent, making it suitable for any type of PBX or VoIP server. Other benefits include ease of maintenance and the fact that the telephone numbers of your staff need not be maintained in the system. Incoming calls are forwarded flexibly to the COIN recovery centre, to your staff working from home, to mobile phones or any combination of these options.

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