COIN takes care of KIFID’s needs

Everyone arriving at the offices of KIFID (the Dutch Financial Services Complaints Tribunal) gets an immediate positive sense of action, dialogue and negotiation. KIFID, which has its head office located above the concourse of The Hague Central Station, is the body that everyone can turn to in the event of a complaint about a financial product or financial service, for example an insurance policy or mortgage. The service provided by KIFID has to be available continuously and that’s why it has chosen COIN as its partner to guarantee business continuity.

In a discussion with Eveline Ruinard (Chair of the Disputes Committee and Director), Annemaaike Bouma (Operations Manager) and Mark van der Togt (ICT), it becomes clear why KIFID has chosen to do business with COIN. KIFID handles thousands of complaints and the work of the secretaries and members of the Disputes Committee aims to resolve disputes in the most beneficial way possible for both parties involved. A critical aspect for all of these processes is that the IT is available continuously.

Annemaaike Bouma tells us how, under the former Director, the team was already working towards optimum availability and continuity for KIFID. “We realised that if something happened, for example a train hurtling into the concourse because its brakes had failed, then we would have to be able to work from another location immediately.” After researching the market, KIFID came into contact with COIN. That initial contact went very well but became even better as soon as the team was invited to visit Schiphol-Rijk to see COIN’s recovery location for itself. Annemaaike: “We were very enthusiastic when we visited – it was the real thing – and we were extremely impressed by the fact that COIN provides a unique and complete solution for every organisation, including ours, should something happen that affects our own building and our continuity.”

Testing provides confidence
The current Director, Eveline Ruinard, is very content with this development: “I’m really pleased that our continuity is organised in this way so I immediately embraced this choice when I was appointed. In particular, the location tests that were conducted – during which 12 colleagues tested all of the required functions in the recovery location – are very positive and give us a lot of confidence. In the event of a disaster, we also have multiple workstations available to us immediately at that location, thus providing my colleagues and me with optimum access to our systems and the back-up that is stored there.”

KIFID employs 70 people. Eveline: “We serve an important purpose. We are an easily accessible and expert complaint resolution service for people who are unable to reach agreement with a financial institution. People are not obliged to approach us, it’s a choice. We have to be available at all times, so we must have a recovery facility in the event that a risk materialises. COIN takes care of our needs by the possibilities it offers via its recovery locations, the way in which it thinks along with us and how it provides a genuine and transparent customised solution.”

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