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Server recovery - it recovery

How do you get at your backups if in a disaster your servers fail? A good question for those companies with their servers on their own premises. Although this may actually be the best option for a number of companies, it nevertheless endangers business continuity. What do you do if your servers crash following a disaster? The COIN concept offers reliable server recovery that at the same time lets you follow Business Continuity Management guidelines. Following disaster your backup can be loaded onto a server environment supplied by COIN.


Server recovery is regularly employed for multinationals that have the bulk of their servers centrally located outside the country, and only limited servers sited locally; for example, a file server, e-mail server and print server. For these local servers, COIN offers a mobile server recovery solution. An inventory is drawn up in advance of the servers needed and required data storage capacity. The backup process is configured to allow your environment to be imported into the COIN recovery servers.


Following a disaster the mobile server recovery configuration is then immediately available at the COIN recovery centre. If the disaster affects only your ICT, while leaving premises unaffected, this mobile rack can also be brought to your site and handed over.

Supply chain as starting point for Business Continuity

To be able to deal with unexpected situations such as fire or power failure businesses these days are looking more often at continuity of the critical business processes. However, this is not always enough because a business is part of a supply chain and therefore has to deal with a range of suppliers, customers and dependencies.

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Business Continuity Awareness week 2017

15 May to 19 May (inclusive) is Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW), during which specialists from the profession aim to raise awareness about the importance of business continuity.

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