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Disaster Recovery

Recovering the ICT facilities

Disaster Recovery essentially means recovering your ICT facilities and restoring data from a backup in the event of a disaster. In other words, it’s about regaining access to your critical applications and data following a disruption. These are often the first, essential steps towards getting on top of a crisis.

Disaster Recovery is therefore an important aspect of Business Continuity in its entirety. Business Continuity Management also covers alternative or replacement office workstations at a recovery location, from where your most business-critical staff can continue working and where your customers and suppliers can contact you on your usual telephone numbers. It also covers the use of a well thought-out, regularly tested and up-to-date Business Continuity Plan (BCP). A Disaster Recovery Plan is of course part of the COIN concept and COIN offers a separate service for preparing a DRP.

Disaster Recovery is more than having IT operational

Some companies incorrectly assume that the business can operate by simply getting the IT operational again and they overlook telephony, recovery workstations and the BCP. Whether telephony is provided via a PBX or via VoIP is of less importance, provided the organisation can continue to be contacted on its most important telephone numbers, for example those for the Contact Centre or Customer Service. It would be very unpleasant if the IT was operational but your Contact Centre was unable to take calls from your customers.

COIN has experienced companies where the IT was fully operational but the staff were no longer able to work; there was no workstation and it was not possible to arrange for everyone to work from home at the same time. Also, at home it was not possible to perform certain functions due to privacy legislation and internal procedures.

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