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Most people tend not to realise how the costs of their visit to a medical specialist are paid. For Infomedics that’s their core business. This rapidly growing company, with 150 employees, processes electronic healthcare invoices for oral care providers and paramedics such as physiotherapists.

Fred Bloem (CFO/COO) and Rob Denekamp (ICT Operations Manager) explain why it is essential that Infomedics – being an intermediary between thousands of care providers, around 80 Dutch healthcare insurers and millions of patients- suffers no downtime. A subscription has been taken out with COIN in order to guarantee business continuity. Bloem: “In the event of a disaster we always have workstations configured specifically for us available at the Schiphol-Rijk recovery location, where our people can continue their work within 4 hours.”

Each month, Infomedics processes more than a quarter of a million expense claims. Bloem: “A large proportion of these are paid by the healthcare insurers, however there are still around 6.5 million bills that go directly to the patients because of their personal contribution or because the basic insurance doesn’t cover the care that has been provided. The number of care providers using our service is currently expanding rapidly, which is due to our transparent procedures, our attention to privacy and our social and patient-friendly collection method.”

Infomedics has to be ‘live’

With 3500 care providers, 8 million patients and 80 healthcare insurers, Infomedics is the party that unites everyone together. Bloem: “We have to be ‘live’ and we have to be available 24/7.” With regard to the partnership with COIN, Bloem says: “We scrutinised several parties, many of which ‘do it as an extra’ but COIN specialises in post-disaster facilities. We have a physical connection between the recovery location and our data centre, which offers unprecedented possibilities. The people at COIN are very flexible in the way they pro-actively think about relevant solutions, and in the event of a real disaster we can escalate to the recovery location very quickly.”

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