Why The CAK chooses COIN as partner for business continuity

With over 1,100 employees the CAK serves around 3 million people in the Netherlands. In order to ensure service provision at all times to this large number of people, the CAK has elected to work with COIN in order to achieve the required business continuity.

The CAK (Central Administrative Office) is a professional and reliable implementation organisation for the care and welfare sector, and is responsible for the proper implementation of the various financial arrangements and information tasks.

The day-to-day work of the CAK comprises three main activities. The first is the assessment, application and collection of the statutory contributions for the provision of care under the terms of AWBZ (Exceptional Medical Expenses Act) and Wmo (Social Support Act). The second concerns the assessment and payment of compensation for excess (Compensatie eigen risico – Cer) or allowances for extra costs as a result of chronic illness or handicap (Chronically ill and disabled persons allowance Act) and the third comprises the financing of the organisations providing AWBZ care.

Rob Kuppens, quality coordinator with the CAK explains:

Why is business continuity so important for the CAK?

Firstly, because of the CAK’s substantial social responsibility. Clients want to know how the conditions and provisions of particular care and welfare arrangements will affect them. It’s therefore important that the CAK is able at all times to undertake its statutory duties, even in a crisis situation. Aside from this are the statutory requirements that must be met. The care regulatory authorities demand that the CAK is able always to guarantee a minimum service level.

Why did the CAK choose COIN as business continuity partner?

Following a tender process COIN emerged as the best partner. From the outset it became clear that COIN approaches business continuity from a business perspective and does not simply offer an IT solution. Understanding the business needs, COIN has come up with a solution that best fits our business. In addition, as the CAK is publicly funded, we have to work as cost-effectively as possible. A further rationale for us is that COIN makes a good partner across all areas of our operation. With respect to both business and ICT, as well as at an organisational level, communication is excellent.

What has been the CAK’s experience before, during and following the tender?

I immediately had the feeling that this party really understood what we were after. COIN understands what business continuity is really all about, i.e. that our service provision must be able to continue to function. The entire tender process was thoroughly professional. COIN submitted a very transparent and comprehensive tender, and following contract award arrangements immediately got under way – we were busy setting up a data link within a week. COIN knows exactly what has to happen – before, during and following the tender process they were very professional and focused.

What has been the CAK’s experience of collaboration with COIN up to now?

Professional, constructive and very open. All agreements are very clear. Where decisions have to be made quickly, Coin will put pressure on but in a very constructive way . What is agreed is followed-through, and that’s great. COIN is also very pragmatic. Within the clear and transparent agreements there remains room to improve, something we experienced first-hand during the latest test when COIN continued during the test to seek possible improvements, which were implemented immediately we requested them.

What does the CAK expect from a partner such as COIN in the event of disaster?

The partner in question must of course be well-prepared, and above all this partner must continue to think with us regardless of any earlier agreements. This means that within the framework agreed, it must still be possible to be flexible and make changes.

Does the CAK have any advice or recommendations for COIN to function even better?

My advice would be: keep on doing what you’re doing. Particularly in terms of accessibility. Contacts are great, you can access COIN at any level, and communication’s great on any level. Keep doing what you’re doing and the CAK will be very happy.

COIN provides the following business continuity services for the CAK:
• Recovery seats;
• A war room for the Crisis Management Team;
• Telephone accessibility for both the Contact Centre and office environment;
• Datalink between the COIN recovery location and the CAK datacentre;
• Technical testing and Business testing;
• Technical handbook;
• Storage of essential items at the recovery location;
• Management of the desktop image, allowing the most current image to be provided to all work stations in the event of disaster.

For mor information about the CAK: www.hetcak.nl

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