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BKR, the Central Credit Registration Bureau, is a household name in the Netherlands. For more than 50 years BKR has been providing the timely, correct and secure availability of privacy-sensitive data. Data which is very important for consumers and business customers (including banks, finance companies, mortgage providers, credit card companies, home shopping organisations, private lease companies) when applying for and managing loans and mortgages. And there is more. BKR also supplies data securely to local authorities to prevent problem debts, financial fraud and to facilitate identity verification. In total, BKR data is consulted around 50 million times per year.



Continuity of customer service

From a social point of view, 24/7 availability of this data is of major importance. Amongst other things, BKR guarantees this by ensuring full redundancy of its data centres at 2 locations. BKR is also ISO 27001 and 3600N (privacy audit proof) certified. However, for the continuity of BKR’s total primary customer service to both business customers and consumers, more is required other than just a technical solution and certification. Ultimately, it is often about contact between people, such as the provision of information on request.


Facilities available

If one of BKR’s office locations is no longer available following a disaster, workstations and associated facilities are ready and waiting in the COIN recovery location for a pre-defined group of staff (especially the Customer Contract Centres and the Back Office). This guarantees the primary customer service. BKR’s Crisis Team, which amongst other things organises the recovery operation, also has access to COIN’s workstations during a disaster.
The data connections required for ensuring that recovery, are available at COIN. It actually comes down to invoking a number of standard procedures at COIN’s recovery location, which then allow the most elementary aspects of BKR’s primary customer service to continue from the COIN recovery location.

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Clients’ interests first


BKR signed its first contract with COIN in 2011. Operations Manager Peter Hofman: “COIN was at that time and continues to be the ideal partner for BKR; small scale and personal, yet able to offer much more than other organisations that only provide office space. The interests of our organisation come first, the team at COIN is willing to listen and ensures that we are able to implement our recovery scenario. An annual test is carried out at COIN’s location and everyone involved knows precisely what they have to do.”





Peter Hofman Manager Operations BKR

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