The COIN team

COIN is an active, compact and innovative organisation with a customer-focused hands-on mentality. COIN strives to be a good employer, providing a relaxed and attractive work environment with challenging assignments, and placing great emphasis on the personal development of our staff.


Our mission at COIN is to offer every customer operational continuity. COIN achieves this through several key pillars: recovery workstations, telephony recovery, IT recovery and advice.

COIN intends to be seen as the leading recovery specialist.


COIN intends to make operational continuity possible for any kind of company, irrespective of size or industry.

When times are tough core business retention is key to survival, just as much as is the prevention of financial or reputational damage. Companies secure their operational continuity to meet legal and regulatory demands, and for economic reasons. Organisations look for a flexible solution for their IT, workstations and telephony should disaster strike. COIN intends to offer every company, from SMEs through to multinationals and from commercial to government, a tailored and affordable solution that addresses their particular preferences and needs.

Operational continuity means the continuation of your core activities, and extends beyond mere IT.

Disasters cannot be planned,

Preparation can.

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