Volkswagen Pon Financial Services finds strong partner in COIN:

“Continuation of payment transactions, banking activities and leasing within 4 hours”

“We want to guarantee continuity of our services, which is something we regard as an obligation to our customers, our external partners and our own organisation” says Dick Grift, Business Continuity Management (BCM) coordinator at Volkswagen Pon Financial Services (VWPFS). Within four hours after a disaster, all business-critical processes are up & running again. Staff relocate to one of COIN’s recovery locations, where their workstations are ready and waiting, where they can be contacted by telephone as normal and where they can access the data and applications via secure connections. This represents a major advantage in the sector for this European financial services provider.

Grift believes there will be many more changes in the field of BCM in the near future. “Increasingly, we have to comply with government legislation that requires guaranteed continuity of the financial services no matter how, and there is no doubt that it has a considerable impact. We are constantly implementing measures in order to comply with this legislation, which incidentally I’m very pleased with.”

The key aspect for all cornerstones of VWPFS (finance, leasing, insurance and mobility) is continuity, in other words staying in business. However, the most important cornerstones are payment transactions, banking activities and leasing. All of the business-critical activities required for uninterrupted provision of these services have to continue at all times. “We regard that as our greatest responsibility”, says Grift.

Successful test

The very first move towards guaranteeing continuity of the most important business processes was the configuration of a second IT Data Room. Grift: “That then gave us the freedom to look for a partner able to guarantee that these business processes, linked to our IT, would always be able to continue. We clearly found that partner in COIN, and we signed a contract with them in January of this year. As soon as we are faced with a disaster, 235 of our staff will relocate to a recovery location and continue their work as usual – not in a few days but within 4 hours. We tested that thoroughly in June, with success. It’s a great result, because downtime for us can quickly cost millions in damage.”

Handbooks describing every possible scenario have now been prepared. Grift: “In the event of a disaster our people know exactly what they have to do and where they have to go. This has been worked out in detail and reviewed with everyone involved. COIN has taken responsibility and provided our organisation with a turnkey solution that meets our wishes perfectly. BCM is certainly of major importance in the financial world. We do business with international investors who want to know what continuity measures we’ve implemented. And the same applies to our accountants. We are therefore subjected to high-level audits and we do very well in those. BCM has therefore become a very important USP for our organisation and that’s something we’re very proud of. Volkswagen Pon Financial Services is an outstanding brand and COIN is an outstanding partner who is able to guarantee the regulator that the network is secure, from the workstation to the data centre.”

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