Municipality of Amsterdam always available for local residents

COIN provides business continuity for the Municipality of Amsterdam

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Within its total mandate, the Municipality of Amsterdam focuses on the interest of its local residents. In this dazzling metropolis, with more than 830,000 residents, the Executive wishes to ensure that it is and remains available at all times, even in the event of a disaster. It is possible for local residents, businesses or any groups that want to be informed en masse at any moment. Robert Dijkhuis and his team are responsible for the unconditional availability of the Municipality’s Contact Center Amsterdam (CCA).


COIN as partner

COIN has been selected as the Municipality’s partner In order to guarantee continued availability of the CCA. This was of course preceded by a selection procedure, from which COIN emerged as the most reliable party. COIN also met all of the current requirements that can be specified for the operation of a Contact Center.


Prepared for a disaster

Managing a city is actually no different than managing a large business; a municipality also must ensure business continuity. An analysis was therefore undertaken of how the Municipality can prepare for any disasters. If the Municipality of Amsterdam is faced with a disaster at the Contact Center, then within a few hours all staff can continue their work at COIN’s nearby, secure recovery location.


Recovery location

COIN’s recovery location meets all requirements with regard to accessibility, travel time, opening times, availability and IT facilities. Dijkhuis: ”In addition, we undertake annual tests to ensure that all IT and telephone systems are operational. During the tests, the Contact Center staff undertake their activities as normal from the recovery location. We then evaluate the tests and implement improvements where necessary.”


Not a luxury

The Municipality of Amsterdam has already experienced the fact that COIN’s recovery location is not a luxury. As a result of serious flooding the staff at the Contact Center were unable to work from their normal location. Within no time, the entire team was up and running again at the recovery location. Dijkhuis: “The result was that no one noticed anything of the disaster, which means the Municipality of Amsterdam has reached its goal of always being available.”

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