Disaster handbook

To recover quickly and efficiently following disaster, it is advisable to have procedures unequivocally laid down. Since every company has its own rules and guidelines, such protocols are always company-specific so COIN establishes a practical handbook setting-out all company-specific matters.

This handbook is of course also used for the recovery tests. A copy is always held by COIN ,‘just in case’, so that we can provide optimum support.

COIN infographic consultancy ENG 2017

Supply chain as starting point for Business Continuity

To be able to deal with unexpected situations such as fire or power failure businesses these days are looking more often at continuity of the critical business processes. However, this is not always enough because a business is part of a supply chain and therefore has to deal with a range of suppliers, customers and dependencies.

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Business Continuity Awareness week 2017

15 May to 19 May (inclusive) is Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW), during which specialists from the profession aim to raise awareness about the importance of business continuity.

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